And God said to Moses, "I AM WHO I AM" and He said, "Thus you shall say to the children of Israel, "I AM has sent me to you". Ex. 3:14

A Declaration from the Lord!

Many years ago, God began to build a congregation known as The New Jerusalem Church, a ministry that began in 1989, and for more than 25 years, we have been blessed and prospered by God. A place for everyone, with a family atmosphere full of love where the Holy Spirit moves with power and authority. We invite you to visit us and have a new experience with our God.


Our mission

Bring people to Christ to be Members of our Church, help them Mature in the faith to Minister in the Church and fulfill the Mission in their lives, with the objective of Magnifying God.

"And Jesus answered and said unto them, Go tell John of what you have seen and heard: for the blind see, the lame walk, the lepers are cleansed, the deaf hear, the dead are raised, the poor are announced the gospel."  Luke 7:22

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184 Woodlawn Avenue, Saint James, NY 11780